Forms of Support


Forms of support

Support can be take the form of listening, empathy, encouragement or advice and guidance. People following a health improvement plan need support in maintaining a positive change, in keeping to the plan and maintaining a positive outlook. This support can be either formal or informal.

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Formal support

This is provided by someone who is trained to give support.

because these people have wide experience of dealing with particular situations they can offer sound advice and pass on useful information. They have a lot more knowledge and expertise than most family and friends. They also know of other sources of support, which they can refer people to if needed, and it is often easier to discuss difficult issues with a person who is not a family member or friend.

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Informal support

This is provided by those who are not paid to give it such as family, friends, partners and work colleagues.

These people offer support because they care about the person and also usually feel a responsibility to do so.

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