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Text: Aristophanes Akharnians 1-203 Text: Aristophanes' Knights
Themes: Assembly ­ interaction with Boule, Themes: Demagogues ­ Kleon ­ whole the
Dikaiopolis = Every man ­ Amphitheus ­ Proving assembly being manipulated ­ corruptibility ­
Citizenship ­ Workings of Assembly, Process of setting up a Demagogue ­ Use of
Democracy ­ Foreign Affairs rhetoric in Assembly
Quotes: "He only wanted to give us back Quotes: "You will be monarch of all you survey"
peace" ­ "I distinctly felt a drop of rain" ­ "who
­ "These countries will be your stock in trade" ­
wishes to speak?" "The worst birth you could think of...That's just
Limitations: Satirical, Anti-Kleon Biased what's wanted for a politician." ­ "Butter then
people up a bit, throw in a pinch of rhetoric as a
sweetener" ­ "right or wrong I never gave a
damn, I just shouted as loud as I could"
Limitations: Satirical, Anti-Kleon Biased
Text: Aristophanes' Wasps Text: The Old Oligarch
Themes: Jury ­ Mock Trial(Lakes v Kleon) ­ Themes: Supposedly Negative view of
Philokleonconvicts everything for two obols ­ Athenian Democracy ­ Unwittingly praising ­ No
Courts supposed to be democratic but not­ Accountability ­ Right people in the right places
Process of the courts ­ Rhetoric of Bdelykleon ­ ­ Assembly + Council 3.1 ­ Potential Corruption
Presentation ­ Underhand of Democracy ­ 3.3 ­ Role of the Courts 3.6
Embezzlement Hyperbolos Quotes: "by not holding these offices
Quotes: "The case is beyond doubt" ­ "I think themselves...the most capable men hold
I'll have some soup while this is going on" ­ office" ­ "if you approach the council with
"slaves away tirelessly...always on active money, you will get things done" ­ "they are
service" ­ "and returns with a family of not able to settle everyone's affairs" ­
puppies" "preserve their constitution well"
Limitations: Satirical, Anti-Kleon Biased Limitations: Unknown author(most probably
Text: Thucydides Funeral Speech (Perikles) Text: Thucydides 2.65
Themes: Praises Athenian Democracy ­ Themes: Perikles ­ Fickle nature of
Responsibility in Athens to be involved in Demagogues ­ Post Perikles no-one is the
Democracy ­ Good things about Athenian life ­ same ­ Perikles offered what Athens needed
Military strength ­ Importance of Debate ­ Role Quotes: "busy with their own personal
of women intrigues for securing the leadership of the
Quotes: "When it is a question of settling people"
private disputes, everyone is equal" Limitations: Biased
Limitations: Recreation of Perikles speech
Text: Thucydides History Text: Herodotus
Themes: Demagogues ­ Kleon talking rubbish ­ Themes: Kleisthenes ­ Corruption ­ Power
Interaction between politicians ­ Political struggle between Isagoras and Kleisthenes.
infighting ­ Nikias using the assembly to bully Quotes: "Kleisthenes took the people into his
Kleon ­ Assembly ­ Athenian Assembly votes following" ­ "He also assigned the demes to
for command (mob vote) the tribes in ten groups"
Quotes: "The Athenians behaved in the way Limitations: Written after
that crowds usually do" ­ "he himself would
have done so, if he had been in command." ­
"he chose Demosthenes as his colleague
because he heard that he was already planning
to make a landing on the island."
Limitations: Biased

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Text: Xenophon: Hellenika Text: Xenophon: Recollections
Themes: Assembly ­ Trials ­ Law Courts ­ Themes: Assembly ­ People who attend
Council ­ Accountability Quotes: "These are the people who make up
Quotes: "After this the generals explained to the Assembly"
the Council about the sea battle and the Limitations: Unbiased
severity of the storm" ­ "to report to the
people that the generals had not picked up
men " ­ "some of the presiding committee
refused to put the question to the vote
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