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Text: Aristophanes Akharnians 1-203 Text: Aristophanes' Knights
Themes: Assembly ­ interaction with Boule, Themes: Demagogues ­ Kleon ­ whole the
Dikaiopolis = Every man ­ Amphitheus ­ Proving assembly being manipulated ­ corruptibility ­
Citizenship ­ Workings of Assembly, Process of setting up a Demagogue ­ Use of
Democracy ­…

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Text: Xenophon: Hellenika Text: Xenophon: Recollections
Themes: Assembly ­ Trials ­ Law Courts ­ Themes: Assembly ­ People who attend
Council ­ Accountability Quotes: "These are the people who make up
Quotes: "After this the generals explained to the Assembly"
the Council about the sea battle and the Limitations: Unbiased…


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