Somerset's Government

Notes on Somerset's style of government with a couple of historian views/quotes in there too. My notes may not be as academic as you like so feel free to edit them a bit I'm cool with that.

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Somerset's Style of Government
Proclamations Act 1547 ­ He amended Henry VIII's will to make himself `Lord
Protector' and give him the power to appoint and remove council members.
Henry's will was kinda ambiguous so he used that to his advantage and gave a few
people fancy titles. He became the Duke of Somerset, Wriothesley became the Earl
of Southampton and Dudley became the Earl of Warwick.
Somerset used proclamations to change law more than any other Tudor ruler.
(proclamations do not require the permission of parliament)
The other councillors liked his politics but not his autocratic methods. (autocratic is
like isolationist, he did it all by himself)
He bumped his brother up in the world and gave him a place in the Privy Council but
then went on to execute him in 1549 for treason.
In October 1549 his councillors accused him of pride, covetousness, extreme
ambition and having a malice and evil government. (covetousness means he wants
In October 1549 he got annoyed at the council for not understanding how unfair it
was that the poor commons were expected to give up extortionate amounts to the
higher classes.
Padget ­ "you have put so many irons in the fire at once...war with Scotland,
France...commissions out for that matter, new laws for this, proclamations for
MacCulloch ­ "Prone to grand gestures to court popularity, but also selfish and
Jordan ­ "A stubborn and high minded devotion to a programme of revolutionary
reform was the prime cause for the gathering of a successful conspiracy against him.


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