The Reign of Edward VI (Duke of Somerset) 1547-49

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The Regency of Somerset, 1547-49

  • When Edward Seymour's sister, Jane Seymour married to Henry VIII, gave birth to Edward VI, he was guaranteed an important position in the royal family
  • Edward Seymour controlled the situation after Henry VIII's death and took charge of the Regency Council - gained the titles Duke of Somerset and Lord Protector
  • Somerset was thought to be the "Good Duke" due to his good intentions for the poor

Religion under Somerset

  • Somerset was keen to establish Protestant ideas in England, but so in a cautious way to avoid social unrests:
  • The Six Articles of 1539 were repealed
  • The Chantries Act of 1547 abolished the Chantries, which had as its main function to pray for the souls of the dead - mainly Catholic in practice
  • 1549 Act of Uniformity - imposing a uniform standard of worship in England
  • Archbishop Cranmer introduced a new Prayer Book 
  • It could be argued that Somerset's religious policies were, to some extent, impressive

Foreign Policy under Somerset

  • Scotland was unwilling to agree to a marriage with Edward VI and Mary Queen of Scots - Somerset decided to intervene in Scotland
  • Battle…


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