Sociology Revision - Social Policy

Notes on the Family Unit and Social Policy for AQA Sociology AS

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Sociology Revision ­ Social Policy:
The New Right = Conservatives:
o Policies should re-enforce marriage as this centres as a good
environment to raise children. In order for those children to be
well adjusted ­ In favour of the nuclear family !!!
o Policies Introduced:
"Back to Basics"
Contraceptive Pill
Freezing of child benefits
Maternity leave entitlement
Child tax credits
The school day and year assumes there will be someone
at home i.e. mum
The New Left = Labour:
o Policies support marriage but do not blame family diversity for
societal breakdown. Policies encourage choice
o Policies Introduced:
One parent benefit
Free entitlement ­ allows all parents to work whilst
children are educated
Primary School ­ allows parents to work
Civil Partnerships
Divorce Re-Form Act
Working Family Tax Credit


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