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GCSE Sociology
Causes of Crime and
Deviance…read more

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This approach suggests that children who
have not been taught society's norms and
values by their parents, they are more likely to
commit crime
This is because they do not understand how
society functions so therefore do not
understand that crime is such a bad thing
The New Right Approach approach blames
parents for inadequately socialising their
TO SUMMARISE: people commit crime because
they have not been taught to conform to…read more

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Sub-cultural theories
Crime is caused by groups, or `subcultures' forming
with a different set of norms and values from society
These subcultures promote crime as a status symbol
In order to gain status, its members will succumb to
peer pressure and participate in crime and deviance.
Failing to do so will cause members to be seen as
weak and may be outcast
These groups are more likely to participate in anti-
social behaviour than other crimes, such as fraud
This is particularly common in young men who want
to prove themselves due to their feelings of status
TO SUMMARISE: members of sub-cultures commit
crime in order to prove themselves to peers…read more

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Criticisms of Sub-cultural
These groups may be labelled as
criminals or deviants due to a negative
stereotype in society
This label may be untrue
The media create moral panic about
certain social groups, leading the public
to believe they are a sub-culture,
regardless of the truth of this…read more

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Functionalists believe that crime serves
the purpose of setting acceptable
boundaries of behaviour in society
Without a certain level of crime, we
would be unable to see the difference
between `right and wrong'
TO SUMMARISE: a sense of what is `right
and wrong' in society is outlined by the
presence of crime…read more

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Relative Deprivation
Relative deprivation refers to having
insufficient resources compared to other
members of society
Relative deprivation leads people to
compete with wealthier members of society
Experiencing feelings of jealousy may
motivate criminal behaviour (e.g.
Marxists are critical of the Capitalist society
which places an emphasis on owning
possessions, causing people to commit
crime in order to obtain these possessions
TO SUMMARISE: people commit crime to
compete with wealthier members of society…read more

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