Social Influences in Everyday Life

  • Resisting obedience and conformity
  • Locus of control
  • Attributional style
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Social Influences in Everyday Life
1 . Resist obedience - Having allies - Milgram
- Seeing consequences - Milgram
- Morally significant - Kohlberg
- Educational history - Milgram
- Religious views - Milgram
- Heroically - Nelson Mandella
2. Resist Conformity - Having allies - Asch
- Morally significant - Asch
- Personality - Nail et al
- Gender - women more likely
3. Locus of control - Refers to one's perception of personal control over one's own behaviour.
Internal = have control, more likely to be a leader
External = other factors affect behaviour, out of control, how more people are now due to
social changes
Men more likely to be internals
4. Attributional style - a thinking style about how people attribute/explain why they experience a
certain event. Three components: Personal, Permanent and Pervasive. People who blame
themselves for negative events see problems and non-changeable and affecting other areas of
lives too have a negative attributional style. More optimistic people have a positive attributional
Positive attributional style is more likely to lead to independent behaviour because person
sees the problem as not lasting
Students less happy at school who didn't achieve well = lower positive attributional style and
highest on negative attributional style compared to studious student.


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