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Social Influence

Conformity- process of yielding to majority influence, tendency to change what we do (behaviour) or
think and say (attitude) in response to the influence of others or social pressure, can be real or

Type of conformity:

Compliance- publicly informing to behaviour but privately maintaining one's own views…

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X Ethical issue of lack of protection from harm- participants anxious/distressed and may feel

Asch- majority influence

Take part in perception of line length, 50 American male college students, sat with 6 other
confederates, sat in second to last seat, call out which of 3 line lengths were the…

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Conclusion-under situations people go against morale and obey demands of authority, if put in
subordinate position then people lose feeling of empathy, compassion and morality


! High internal validity-conducted in controlled environment, strict control over extraneous variables
so cause and effect can be established

X Criticised for lacking external…

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Teacher paired with a Obedience soared when 92.5%
confederate who threw someone else did dirty work

Conclusions from variations: people are less likely to be independent when: do not feel instructions
have legitimate authority, have to see consequences of their actions/proximity, person giving
instructions isn't around to see follow-through.…

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Socialised by democratic parents- as give their own choice also improved self-esteem so have
confidence to conform (Nadler, correlation lower scored of authoritarianism and less conformity)

Resisting pressures to obey

Autonomous state- feel responsible for their own actions (Milgram, more likely to disobey authority
figure when closer proximity to the…

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Findings- Consistent condition, called green 8.42% trials, Inconsistent condition called green 1.25%,
so consistency most important factor in minority influence so minority must be consistent for social
change Evaluation of Moscivi:

! High internal validity, controlled laboratory experiment with control over extraneous variables so
cause and effect can be established…


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