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·How much our behaviours, beliefs and
attitudes can be affected by the people
Social Influence around us.
·The Process by which a larger group is able to
influence the behaviour of a small
Conformity group/individual.
·Persons conforms publically, but privately
·Views are taken at a deep + permanent level,
and become part of a person's cognitive
Internalisation system.
·Copying others in order to become liked +
Normative Social accepted by group members and avoid
Influence exclusion.
·Copying others because the `right' behaviour
Informational is unknown/unclear.
Social Influence…read more

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123 male students.
ally = conformity
12/18 trials (critical trials)
confederates gave wrong more difficult task = conformity
answers writen = conformity
p's repeatedly exposed to
wrong answer
conformity rate = 37%
5% conform on every trial
75% conform at least once
thought c's wrong, but didn't
want to stand out…read more

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advantages disadvantages
· lab exp · ethical issues
· control variables · protection from harm, deception
· can establish causality · poor popularion validity
· 1950's America
· only males
· lacks validity ­ done with strangers
· trivial
Asch Evaluation…read more

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Increasing Decreasing
Conformity Conformity
increased task difficulty easier task
lack of knowledge knowledge of subject
public answers private answers
larger majority allies
lacking confidence confidence
lower IQ higher IQ
women? men?…read more

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Resisting Pressures to
Name Factor About
Asch Group size 2 c's, conformity = 14%
3 c's, conformity = 32%
Allies 1 ally, conformity = 5.5%
Allen & Levine valid social support < invalid social support
Perrin & Spencer Expertise engineering students decreased conformity
Hornsey et al. Triviality Little movement towards majority on attitudes with
moral significance.
Becker Gender Woman conform more than men in public, but not
when private.
Eagly Woman care about group harmony, men care about
assertiveness & independence.…read more

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