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Social effects of World War Two Social mobility

Social Taken out of local communities due to industry conscription and around the
mobility world.
Military conscription September 1940 men aged 18-41
Older men conscripted into `national service'.
Increase standard of living due to rationing+ control of prices.
M+U class high taxation,…

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Work Jobs loud + dirty
Resentment of `Spivs' exploited opportunities offered by black market+ petty
11/12 working days+ night working
Little time for social life.
Tiredness=increase in industrial accidents 1000pa fatal.
Strikes (although tough restraints).
Status of Trade unions rose membership 6.3million to 8.9m.
Average earning increased for wc.…

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Social+ views Accepted war time planning+ restrictions as necessary+ fair.
Shared sacrifices+ national togetherness.
Still social division.
Shift in public attitudes, demanded greater fairness in society.

Propaganda B untied, patriotic and free of class war.
Newsreels of casualties+ damage never shown.
Influence of culture+ mass entertainment.
1945 10 million private…


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