Social Impacts of WW1

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  • Social Impact of WW1
    • Social Classes
      • working class
        • brought full employment
          • created jobs for wives, daughters and old children
            • good money could be made
        • poverty was reduced
          • rations
            • some people ate more than normal
      • middle & upper classes
        • reduction in living standards
          • income tax rose & profits were limited
        • landed classes
          • hit by high death rates
      • not broken down - still a big gap
        • working class girls went into munition work where as middle class girls became nurses.
        • Big gap between officers and men in the army
      • all classes sympathised over the loss of men
        • bonding?
    • Belief's & attitudes
      • Challenged some beliefs within society
      • education was disrupted
        • Prevented working class from getting a good job
      • 300,00 boys lost their farthers
        • many single parent families
      • churches had a greater public role
        • burials and memorials, services ect
      • some people refused to fight on religious grounds
      • promoted anti-colonial and anti-imperialism
        • exactly what Britain was pre-war
    • Adult Men
      • below 40
        • joined the army
          • physical and emotional trauma
      • had to get used to the up and coming role of women in the workforce.
      • over 21 given the right to vote after the war
    • Women in Society
      • Some women were in work before the war
        • secretaries
      • new working conditions for women
        • hands on, dirty and dangerous
          • over 100 women died from disease due to handling weapons
      • increased teh amount of women in work
      • 'New freedom' symbolised by new fashions
        • short skirts and fancy ahir styles
    • Women & the vote
      • Given the vote in the representation of the peoples act.
        • Not all women were given the vote




Great overview - would be even better with some colour coding

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