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Smoking and Disease: 1…read more

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There are over 4000 different
chemicals in cigarette smoke,
many of which are toxic. One
of these is a compound
marketed as a rat poison
The main 3 components are
Tar, Carbon Monoxide and
.Nicotine…read more

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A mixture of aromatic compounds
Settles on the lining of the airways in the
Stimulates a series of changes to the
lungs leading to lung disease and lung
cancer…read more

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Carbon monoxide
Diffuses across walls of alveoli into blood in
Combines with hemoglobin in red blood
cells forming carboxyhaemoglobin
.Damages the lining of the arteries…read more

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Absorbed readily by blood
The drug in tobacco and travels to the brain
within a few seconds
Makes blood platelets Stimulates the nervous
less `sticky' and therefore system to reduce the
increases the risk of diameter of the arterioles
blood clotting and to release the
hormone adrenaline
Heart rate and blood pressure<<
increase, and a decrease in blood
supply to the extremities of the body
such as the hands and feet…read more

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Tobacco smoke is composed of mainstream
.smoke and side-stream smoke
When a person smokes, about 85% of the
smoke that smokers release is side-stream
Concentration of the toxic ingredients in
tobacco smoke is higher in side-stream than
.in mainstream smoke
Passive smoking: breathing someone else's
.cigarette smoke…read more

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