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Situation ethics


Fletcher quoted a St Louis cab driver who said "Sometimes you've got to put your principles to one
side and do the right thing". Rules (or principles) aren't the same thing as doing what is right.

Some ethical theories suggest legalistic rules that mustn't be broken, this…

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Six Fundamental Principles

Love only is always good Love is intrinsically valuable, it has inherent worth. Love is
good. Nothing else has intrinsic value but `it gains or
`Only one `thing' is intrinsically good; acquires its value only because it happens to help persons
namely, love: nothing else at all'…

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Situation Ethics has great appeal, especially when faced with the realities of deontological ethics. It
seems ludicrous that a Catholic might choose to remove a fallopian tube from a woman with an
ectopic pregnancy (thereby resulting in the termination of the pregnancy but also in an inability to
have further…

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Teleological ­ it focuses on the end or outcome of an Misguided ­ The end does not justify the means. Paul
action. "If the end doesn't justify the means, what said Christians should not do evil that good may come of
does?" it.

Situations ­ This is a great way…

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Utilitarianism, but doesn't rely on consequences that are probably only perpetuate his situation. Reason (not
immeasurable, unpredictable and incalculable. love) would tell me it is better to give to a charity for
the homeless that will look for long-term solutions.

Not limited to reason ­ Whilst rationality may play a…


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