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Stage 1:

Poem: Sister Maude
Subject: Describes the death of a loved one caused by the actions of a jealous sister.
Themes: Betrayal, change in relationships.
Messages: There is a fine line between the friendship and love of a relationship

Stage 2:

Poem: Sister Maude
Emotions, Sister Maude explores the…

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Repetition of "Maude" also adds to the strength of the narrator's feelings. The repetition
is reminding the reader that it was Maude's fault the poet feels like this.

Religious language reflecting conventions within society at the time in which the poem was
written, as well as the seriousness of the…

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Brothers are also a poem about the relationship between siblings and the delicate balance between friendship and

Praise Song for My Mother

Praise Song for My Mother is about a close family relationship, although a positive, supportive one, unlike the
negative, jealous relationship presented in Sister Maude.






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