Poetry- Sister Maude

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  • Sister Maude
    • Structure
      • Rhyme scheme, alternating rhyme suggests an unhappy feeling
        • A nursery rhyme, rhymes on every line, nursery rhymes suggest happiness therefore we have the opposite image in our heads.
      • The last stanza rhyme changes
        • This could show that she has just lost her temper.
    • 2nd stanza, repeated C sound
      • C is a hard constant, this suggests her anger as we can imagine her spitting her words out.
    • 3rd stanza, sibilance
      • This suggests her spite towards her sister, as if she's once again spitting her words out.
      • This could also show her to be mimicking her sister, it's a snake like sound, and therefore could suggest that she believe her sister is deceptive and venomous, like a snake.
    • Simile "Cold as stone"
      • This suggests how emotionless and cold he is
      • Repetition of the c and s sounds, could suggest she blames Maude for his coldness.


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