Sister Maude

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Sister Maude Point Example Effect
5 verses: The extra two lines on the 5th stanza to give emphasis on the fate awaiting her sister. It first builds on the
4 verses= 4 lines sentiments of stanza four , listing the family's rewards in heaven before the final two-lined punishing outburst
5th verse= 6 lines It tells the story of the betrayal of her sister which is reinforced by the musical regular metre throughout as the
story unfolds
Blunt and harsh `Bide you with death and sin' Emphasis on the word `you' makes it more personal, which stresses the anger, she feels towards Sister Maude.
Juxtaposition `queen's embrace' The poet bluntly wishes `death and sin' onto Sister Maude and does not beat around the bush
Repetition `Sister Maude' Juxtaposes the images of beauty and death. This shows that she will always remember him as he was and will
Religious and archaic `Bide you', `golden grown',
Rhetorical questions `crown' always love him, even after death.
Caesura `Who told my father of my Stresses the betrayal as they are meant to be sisters and should therefore look out for one another since they are
Sibilance dear?' family. However `sister Maude' can be interpreted as a Nun, who is meant to be pure due to the poet describes
Enjambment `Cold he lies' herself as bringing `shame'. In this time, this would result in her being sent to a nunnery. This could mean that
Alliteration `spared his soul sister'
the poet feels betrayed by a Nun looking after her as she has failed in her role and betrayed her trust.
`shall get no sleep either early
or late' The word `bide' is mainly found in poetry and hymn lyrics and the combination of the plosive `b' with the
`cl v tted curls' `comeliest directness of the poet, strengthens the final threat. Religious language such as `golden gown' and `crown'
corpse' suggests that her parents were expecting to have a wonderful afterlife as a reward for their goodness on earth.
Rhetorical questions show her constantly questioning herself in disbelief as to how her own sister, or nun who
was meant to care for, could hurt her and betray her trust
Caesura isolates the phrase `cold he lies' to present the loneliness that comes with death for both loved ones
and the deceased person. It also emphasizes the word `cold' as it gives the impression of freezing the line to
show just how lifeless he now is.
Sibilance accentuates the betrayal and trickery sister Maude has committed.
The enjambment does not put the line to rest like with the others and instead continues on, much like sister
Maude's nights as she will be unable to rest with her guilty conscience. It might also reflect the fact that she
would not get any rest in hell, where the poet wishes her to go.
Alliteration of `c' expresses the harshness of death. The poet also places emphasis on the physical appearance of
the corpse. This is because Victorians had an obsession with death, believing in bodily resurrection and devised
elaborate rituals to deal with it.
Heaven and Hell `Heaven-gate' `death and sin' Reflects beliefs during the Victorian period. It also contrasts the ultimate reward with the ultimate punishment to
Similes `as cold as stone' emphasize the extent of betrayal sister Maude has committed.
The poet is showing that there is no life left in him as stones are not living things and so therefore they cannot
produce heat and are cold, much like a dead body.

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Lines 2 and 4 rhyme in `too' and `you' This stresses the last word of the line which is very effective in the 12th line as it directs the poet's anger towards
each stanza `cold he lies' the final pronoun `you' making it very personal.
Rhythmic/ musical (ballad) It is not a continuous metre as it changes slightly in some area to stress a particular word. For example, emphasis is
placed on the word `cold' to emphasise suddenly the lover's death.…read more



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