Sister Maude

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  • Sister Maude
    • About
      • Written through the eye of the character who is having the affair, which was secret from her parents and sister, but her sister told. So the poet is abusive and harsh to the sister for this and for the death of her lover.
    • Feelings and attitudes
      • Betrayal- she's bitter because her sister has told her parents what she wanted to be kept a secret
      • Jealousy- she implies that Maudes motive was jealousy for her lover
      • Spitefulness- she aims to hurt her sister by saying the lover would never have desired Maude
      • Cold Anger- she repeatedly talks about her belief, or hope, that Maude will suffer for all eternity
    • Personal Response
      • Why might the narrator have been keeping this relationship a secret from her parents? He may have not been approved by the parents
      • Do you believe the narrators version of events true? She may have over exaggerated about the lover dying
      • Why do you think the poet did not fill in all the details of what occured? To add interest and imagination
      • Why do you think the poet chose to make the main character the main character in this poem the sister? What do you think this poem says about sibling relationships? She may have hated her sister and it shows siblings have a love hate relationship
    • Comparison
      • Quickdraw / Born Yesterday/ In Paris With you/ Praise song for my mother/ The farmers Bride/ Brothers


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