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Sino-Soviet relations had been established when
Stalin supported the Chinese Nationalists, whose
victory led to the communist takeover of China.
Stalin saw this as a propaganda victory for
communism and the opportunity to gain an ally
This led to Sino Soviet Treaty of 1950…read more

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Officially named the Sino-Soviet Treaty of
Friendship, Alliance and Mutual Assistance,
was a formal a alliance between Russia and
Russia promised economic aid, which China
spent on machinery and equipment needed
for defence.
Russia also promised military assistance in
case of attack from Japan or USA.…read more

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Russia didn't want to lose Mongolia as a sphere
of Soviet influence
Stalin refused to give aid to conquer Taiwan
from fear of provoking USA into action
Stalin forced Mao to drop plan to support the
Vietminh…read more

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The outbreak of the Korean War meant Russia
would have to adhere to the terms of the
Initially Mao sent advisors to North Korea but
was reluctant to send military aid
Stalin eventually got Mao to change his mind
and the Chinese sent aid supported by the
USSR.…read more

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Chinese Communists had seized control of the
mainland ­ Guomindang had fled to Taiwan, and
maintained control over smaller islands like Quemoy
and Matsu
Mao felt liberation of China would be incomplete
without control of these islands
Khrushchev was willing to aid China with troops
Tensions escalated in 1958, but Khrushchev reiterated
his support stating `attacking...China is attacking the
USSR'…read more

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