Origins of USA's globalism 2

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  • Origins of USA's Globalism
    • NATO 1949
      • European States under threat from communist advance.
      • USA saw WEU as 'too European'. Burden of protection  stronger upon the US.
      • Atlantic alliance = US influence.
      • Political defense system. USSR said it contradicted United Nations principles.
        • SU tested first atomic bomb. NATO's role turned military.
      • 1955 West Germany joined NATO.
        • USSR recognised the GDR and created Warsaw Pact.
    • Pleven Plan & General Treaty
      • Allowed West German troops as part of WE army in EDC.
      • 1952: General Treaty signed.
        • Full sovereignty of Federal Republic, future German reunification.
    • Korean War
      • Mao left USSR with loans, transfers of technology, and military assistance.
      • Evidence of a vulnerability to communist expansionism.
      • China entered War as a North Korean ally.
        • US reached 38th parallel. This would have meant liberation as they would have invaded China.
      • Sino-Soviet alliance was the clear manifestation of grown of international communism.


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