Deterioration of Sino-Soviet relations 1958-1969

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  • What caused the deterioration in Sino-Soviet relations in the years 1958-1969?
    • Ideological
      • Different interpretation of Marxism
        • Peasant v. Worker based revolution
      • Vying for leadership of International Communism
        • Albania 1961, China gave aid and support because USSR was apostate
      • Peaceful Coex v. Continuing Revolution
        • Mao rejected 5YPs for GLF
        • Mao saw NTBT as sellout to the West
        • Mao hated Summit Diplomacy
      • Lin Biao denounced Brezhnev as "Khruschevism without Khrushchev"
        • Outer Space Treaty (1967). NNPT (1968), SALT I (1969)
        • Criticism of Brezhnev Doctrine following the Invasion of Czech
      • USSR criticized China
        • USSR withdrew nuclear support in response to GLF
        • Launch of Cultural Revolution marked the end of Sino-Soviet relations
    • Personal Rivalries
      • Already a legacy of Mao's poor relationship with Stalin - also secret speech
      • Khrushchev sees Mao as a threat to leadership during 1958 visit
        • Swimming Pool Incident
        • Refuses to give Khrushchev a microphone
        • No honour guard to greet Khrushchev
      • Insults
        • Khrusch calls Mao an 'Asian Hitler' and an 'old boot'
        • Mao calls Khrusch a 'redundant old corpse'
      • Mao views Khrusch as weak following the Cuban Missile Crisis
      • Mao called Brezhnev a "Social Fascist" and "New Tsar"
        • Heavy links to ideology
    • National Interest
      • China attacked Soviet 'imperialism'
        • Sino-Soviet rivalry over Mongolia - area of Soviet influence
        • 1958 Soviet request for radio station for Soviet fleet
        • Proposal of joint submarine fleet was seen as Soviet imperialism
        • In 1959, USSR propose Pacific Nuclear Free Zone
      • Nuclear issues
      • Further Crises
        • 1969 Ussuri River dispute
          • Brezh stationed 15 divisions of Soviet army on the border when Red Guards crossed into territory
        • Lack of Soviet support during Taiwan Straits Crisis 1958
        • Khrushchev supports India in Sino-Indian border conflict, sent $800 million and offered to 'mediate'


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