Simples Terms : Explaining The Ozone Layer

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The Ozone : Understanding
Ozone is also known as Trioxygen , and it's a Triatomic molecule
Ozone in the Lower Atmosphere is an air pollutant , which has harmful effects on humans
Respiratory System and Animals , also it damages sensitive plants by burning them.
In the Lower layer it's bad however in the Upper layer is good a sit stops UV Radiation from
reaching us on the earth's surface.
Ozone is present in small concentrations throughout the atmosphere of the Earth.
Ozone has Consumer and Industrial applications like Laser Printers and in photocopiers.
The Atmosphere
Dry Air in the Earth's Atmosphere contains : 78.1% Nitrogen , 21% Oxygen ,0.98% Argon and
0.039% Carbon Dioxide and Other pretty cool gases.


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