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Silver Arts Award
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Silver Arts Award
Silver Arts Award
Written Works
Aleesha Hussain
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Silver Arts Award
Part 1: Part A: Identifing My Arts Challenge
Part 1: Part B: Arts Challenge Action Plan
Part 1: Part B: Samples of My Work
Part 1: Part B: Reviewing The Challange
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Silver Arts Award
Part 1: Part C: Reviewing Arts Events
Part 1: Part C: Sharing Reviews of Arts Events
Part 1: Part D: Arts Events and Workshops
Part 1: Part D: Future Opportunities and Career Paths
Part 2: Part A and B: The Arts Leadership Project
Part 2: Part C and D: Evidence of Leadership Project
Part 2: Part E: Evaluation of Arts Leadership Project
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Silver Arts Award
personality is exhilarating and part of the reason I've always loved drama. For me a chance to
mix performance and writing is irresistible. I aim to write this pantomime.
To achieve my challenge I will need to find some characters, make a plot and write a
pantomime. I'd like to write the pantomime within the next 3 months.…read more

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Silver Arts Award
Rumplestiltskin: Let's go. I don't have time for these emotional goodbyes, its taco Tuesday.
And as for you I'll see you soon enough.
(Rumplestiltskin and Lilliana leave)
Snow's dad: Sweetheart I have the bottles or was it nappies? Sweetheart? (Goes to check the
house) All of her clothes have gone. It's as if she were never here. She's left us. Well you know
what Lilliana; I didn't get the nappies so I guess we're even. Hah.…read more

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Silver Arts Award
(Rumplestiltskin, The wicked witch and Snow White leave)
Belle: Hey what did I miss? Where's Snow? Is she okay? It's her birthday, she can't leave.
Princess 1: She was kidnapped by some green lady and a short guy in a ridiculous outfit.
Apparently she has to be their slave for life. To think she was going to be a princess, it's just so
Belle: Wait. You mean, she's been kidnapped and none of you did anything to help her.…read more

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Silver Arts Award
Act 3
(Belle wanders around the forest; the light slowly fades to the dark of the night. The Dwarf house
is put to the back of the stage, when the house is put into place the light slowly fades back into
the day)
Belle: Chuckles, Dopey, Moonbeam, Half Pint, Sleepy, Thunderella. Are you there?
Sleepy: Oh Belle, How lovely to see you...
Moonbeam: Oh geroff me. Belle, what are you doing here its noon, you should be in bed
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Silver Arts Award
Belle: Are you serious? If she's the only one who can help us then to bloody big head it is.
Queen of hearts:What did you just call me? Off with her head!
Moonbeam: No, you're Majesty. Belle was simply saying how much she admires you and um
looks up to you. In fact she came to you specifically to ask you for help because she knows
how intelligent you are.
Queen of hearts: Well I suppose it is quite flattering.…read more


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