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Sex and Gender
Sex identity- A biological term, a child's sex identity can be identified by their hormones
and chromosomes. Whether they are male or female

Gender identity- A psychological term, identified by their attitudes and behaviour-
determines whether they are masculine or feminine

Psychodynamic theory of gender development

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Social learning theory of gender development
Modelling- a role model provides an example for the child

Imitation- copying the behaviour of a model

Vicarious reinforcement- learning from the model being rewarded or punished

Children watch behaviour being modelled by a role model such as a parent or an older sibling.…

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Gender scheme theory of gender development
Gender scheme- a mental building block of knowledge that contains information about
each gender

A schema is a building block of knowledge. It is strengthened or changed as we learn more
information about the world around us. It is thought that gender schemes develop…


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