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Criminal Justice Act 2003
Section 142 of the Criminal Justice Act
2003, sets out the purposes of sentencing
for defendants aged 18 and above. When
deciding a sentence, judge must take into
consideration these 5 factors.…read more

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Aims of sentencing
Retribution ­ punishment of offenders
Deterrence ­ reduction of crime
Reform and rehabilitation
Protection of the public
Reparation…read more

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Retribution is defined as punishment that
is morally right and fully deserved.
It does not aim to reduce crime or alter
offenders future behaviour.
A judge using this aim is only concerned
with the offence that has been committed
and making sure that the sentence is in
proportion to that.…read more

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Tariff Sentences
Retribution is based on each offence
having a certain level of sentencing.
The Sentencing Guidelines Council
produces guidelines for this, they produce
a table for offences containing, the
type/nature of activity, the starting point
and sentencing.…read more

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Individual deterrence is intended to deter
offenders from re-offending through fear of
future punishment.
General deterrence intends to prevent
potential offenders from committing
Both are aimed at reducing future levels of
crime.…read more

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Good up to the point where it needs finishing.

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