Adult Custodial Sentences

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  • Adult Custodial Sentences (The Criminal and Justice Act 2003)
    • Mandatory life
      • Is ONLY available for murder (must be over 18 years old)...
        • The prison terms range from life down to 12 years
          • The minimum sentence must be served before the defendant is considered for release.
            • However, any murder of a child which involves: abduction; sexual motive; political; racial or religious motives will serve a full life sentence
    • Discretionary life
      • For all other serious offences: ****; manslaughter; robbery.
    • Fixed term
      • Depends on the seriousness of the crime, the defendant's past records and the maximum sentence which is available
        • This sentence is only available for offenders who are 21 years old and above
          • Although the sentence is fixed - the offender is automatically released after half of the sentence.
    • Suspended sentence
      • Doesn't take place automatically.
        • They may be given for up to two years...
          • Therefore, the offender only serves his sentence if they commit another crime within the two years.


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