Adult Sentences

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  • Adult Custodial Sentences
    • Mandatory Life Sentences
      • Always given for murder
      • Starting points range from whole-life to 12 years'
      • LASPO 2012
      • Governed by Criminal Justice Act 2003
    • Discretionary Life Sentence
      • Sentences for serious offences such as ****, manslaughter and robbery
      • Have maximum of life imprisonment
      • Judge doesn't have to give life
    • Fixed Term Sentence
      • Depends on seriousness of crime, defendants past records and the maximum sentence available
      • Do not serve full sentence, only half of it.
      • Only for offenders over 21
    • Extended Sentence
      • Section 85 of Powers of Criminal Courts Act 2000
      • Offender given a custodial sentence then a further (extended) sentence on licence
      • Cannot exceed 10 years for sexual offences or 5 years for violence
    • Suspended Sentence
      • May be given for up to two years
      • Sentence doesn't automatically take place
      • Exceptional circumstance for not giving an immediate custodial sentences for serious offences
    • Minimum Sentences
      • For over 18's convicted of 3 occasions of dealing Class A drugs - minimum of 7 years
      • Minimum of 3 years for burglary of a residential building for a third time
      • Shorter sentences in an exceptional circumstance


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