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Melissa McFarlane & Rebecca
Maclauchlan…read more

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Choose an area of the framework and find an example
within the poem. Analyse the effect this area of
the framework has.
Lexis & Semantics
Structure…read more

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Complete the crossword…read more

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Oh, no one can deny
To compare his life and mine
That Arnold is less selfish than I.
Makes me feel a swine:
He married a woman to stop her getting away
Oh, no one can deny
Now she's there all day,
That Arnold is less selfish than I.
And the money he gets for wasting his life on work
But wait, not do fast:
She takes as her perk
Is there such a contrast?
To pay for the kiddies' clobber and the drier
He was out for his own ends
And the electric fire,
Not just pleasing his friends;
And when he finishes supper
And if it was such a mistake,
Planning to have a read at the evening paper
He still did it for his own sake,
It's Put a screw in this wall -
Playing his own game.
He has no time at all,
So he and I are the same,
Only I'm a better hand
With the nippers to wheel round the houses
At knowing what I can stand!
And the hall to paint in his old trousers
And that letter to her mother
Saying Won't you come for the summer.…read more

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Larkin contrasts himself with a mythical other, Arnold, with a view to
talking about who is more selfish. Beneath this, what is being discussed
is the contrast between his own state of bachelorhood and the fate of the
married man. This negative view may be argued to resemble Larkin's
own view on marriage.…read more

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Protagonist willing to accept he is selfish,
Boastful of his own selfishness. however undermines this further in to the
Sarcastic and cynical
Arnold didn't know what he was getting him
self in to.
Arnold married for his own comfort and fear of
failure. Image of marriage being a form of `woman' ­ may suggest the persona feels there
entrapment. is no love in the marriage.…read more

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