the captain of the 1964 top of the form team - carol ann duffy

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  • The Captain of the 1964 top of the form team
    • what is the poem about?
      • the poem is about a man who is stuck in the past and looking back at his childhood in the position of an adult. when they were younger they were popular, clever and was the peak of the social standards. however, now as an adult his previous knowledge is no longer relevant and appears to be jealous of his previous self.
    • Who is the persona?
      • the persona pf the poem is a middle aged man who has a wife and kids. they are also arrogant, self-obsessed, bitter, nostalgic, not good at morning at general knowledge.
    • themes
      • time- the poem shows a contrast between two different time periods, one as the persona as a child and one as an adult looking back to their childhood
      • the past - again showing a contrast between the present and the past
      • identity- the persona's identity was affected by their own social perception of themselves when they were a child.
    • language within the poem
      • contrast of adjectives
        • within the poem there is a contrast of adjectives, when they are describing their childhood and their current life.
          • "the clever smell of my satchel"          " my thick kids"
            • there is a clear contrast between the adjectives of "clever" and "thick" this implies the difference in opinions that the persona has between the two time periods.
      • Structure of the poem
        • the poem consists of four stanzas, the first three all being larger than the fourth. the first three stanzas are the persona talking about their childhood and the fourth is him talking about his present life. the structure of the poem reinforces the persona's ideas about his past and how he wishes to go back to it.
      • caesura and imperative
        • "i want it back"
          • this is the persona talking in the fourth stanza about his previous life and longing for it to be the present. the simple structure of the poem also implies his mindset and competence of what he wants.
      • cultural references - throughout the poem there are also cultural references used which were used during the time when the persona was a child
        • "oh pretty woman"           " dave dee dozy"               " come see about me?"
          • the repetitive use of cultural references are used to imply how much the time period meant to the persona and the fact that they are able to accurately say all of them suggest their importance to the persona


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