The Crucible - Characters

A brief description of the most important characters in Arhtur Miller's 'The Crucible'. 

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Had an affair with Abigail Williams - Not easily influenced by society - Struggling against higher authorities - Individual
John Proctor
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Manipulative - "an endless capacity for dissembling" - flirtatious - Parris' niece
Abigail Williams
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Paranoid - Self-important - Influenced by social pressure - Concerned about his name in the town - Thinks of himself
Reverend Parris
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Believes in witchcraft - Confident of himself - Grows to doubt what he believes in - "There is blood on my head!!"
Reverend Hale
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Self-important - Believes in witchcraft - Law abiding - Man of justice but morally unjust
Deputy Governor Danforth
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Vindictive Couple - Not liked - He is power-hungry and wants land - She is grieved of children
Thomas and Ann Putnam
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"the general opinion of her character was very high" - Calm - Wise - Caring - Does not believe in witchcraft - Sees the girls for what they are
Rebecca Nurse
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A good man and a good husband - Has the courage to stand up to the court - Displays Kindness
Francis Nurse
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"didn't give a hoot for public opinion" - Pressed to death - Worried about his wife reading books - On Proctor's side
Giles Corey
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Slave - "trouble in this house eventually lands on her back" - First to admit to dealing with the devil
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'Bewitched' for much of act one - Parris' daughter
Betty Parris
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Servant to the Proctors - Becomes an official of the court - Is forced into admitting she lied by Proctor - Goes against Proctor and returns to Abigail
Mary Warren
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One of the more manipulative girls - Defers to Abigail - Servant to the Putnam's - Humour in her lines
Mercy Lewis
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Abigail Williams


Manipulative - "an endless capacity for dissembling" - flirtatious - Parris' niece

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Reverend Parris


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Reverend Hale


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Deputy Governor Danforth


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