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· The Scottish National Party was formed in 1934 as
three parties merged into one.
· They won there first parliamentary seat at the
Motherwell by-election in 1945.
· In October 1974 in the Scottish general election
they won a third of votes and they returned 11 MPs
to Westminster.
· In 2007 in the Scottish election the SNP emerged as
the largest party with 47 seats and Alex Salmond
became the Scottish First Minister.
· In May 2011 the SNP won an overall majority in the
Scottish Parliament with 69 seats.
· In 2010 general election they won 19.9% of the
Scottish vote, converting to six seats in Parliament.…read more

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· They support local democracy
· They support the defence of human rights
· They support the importance of education
· They want to expand and develop Scottish
· They are pro-European ­ `An independent
Scotland in a strong European Union'
· Independence…read more

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· A better Scotland e.g. independence
· A wealthier Scotland - "Creating and protecting jobs is at the
very top of our agenda for the next four years"
· A healthier Scotland ­ they have shorter waiting times in
· A greener Scotland ­ they want more people to live and work
in rural areas of Scotland
· A fairer Scotland ­ crime rate in Scotland is at a 35 year low
and they wish to continue to reduce crime rate.
· A smarter Scotland ­ education is key for skills in later life
· A creative Scotland ­ they want to promote artists and
performers by giving support…read more


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