Minor Parties Table

incl. leader, seats in parliament and scot. parliament, NI and Welsh assembly, ideology,

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Minor Parties
Party People Ideology Seats in political
Liberal Leader: Nick Clegg MP Radical centre to centreleft UK Parliament: 57
Democratic Liberalism Scottish Parliament: 5
Party Deputy Leader: Simon Social liberalism
Hughes MP Cultural liberalism
Welsh Assembly: 5
Internal ideological
President: Tim Farron MP trends:
Economic liberalism
Green politics
Green Liberalism
Civil libertarianism
Social democracy
Community politics
The Ulster Leader Tom Elliott MLA Centreright UK Parliament: 0
Unionist Party British unionism N.I. Assembly: 16
Chairman David Campbell Conservatism
Deputy Leader John Social Liberalism
McCallister MLA
The Leader Peter Robinson Centreright UK Parliament: 8
Democratic MLA British unionism N.I. Assembly: 38
Unionist Party Social conservatism
Chairman Lord Morrow National conservatism
MLA Soft euroscepticism
Deputy Leader /
Westminster Leader Nigel
Dodds MP MLA
Sinn Fein Founder Arthur Griffith Left wing UK Parliament: 5
President Gerry Adams TD Irish republicanism N.I. Assembly: 29
Vice President Mary Lou Irish reunification
McDonald TD Democratic socialism
Parliament Group Leader Leftwing nationalism
Raymond McCartney MLA Euroscepticism
Leader Dr Alasdair CentreLeft UK Parliament: 3
SDLP McDonnell MP MLA Social democracy N.I. Assembly: 14
Chairman Joe Byrne MLA Unification of Ireland
Founder Gerry Fitt, Irish Nationalism
John Hume,
Paddy Devlin,
Seamus Mallon,
Austin Currie
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Minor Parties
The Scottish Leader Alex Salmond MSP Centreleft UK Parliament: 6
National Party Scottish Independence Scottish Parliament: 68
Deputy Leader Nicola Scottish nationalism
Sturgeon MSP Social democracy
Leftwing nationalism
Scottish republicanism
Civic nationalism
Plaid Cymru Leader Ieuan Wyn Jones Centreleft UK Parliament: 3
(People of Welsh nationalism Welsh Assembly: 11
Wales) Chairman John Dixon Social democracy
President Jill Evans
Leader Caroline Lucas MP Leftwing UK Parliament: 1
The Green Green politics Scottish Parliament: 1
Party Chairman Jayne Forbes Republicanism
Social progressivism
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