Political Parties 

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  • Political Parties
    • What are they
      • A group of likeminded individuals with share aims and goals by being elected into government at general elections.
    • Mainstream/Minority
      • 3 mainstream parties- Labour , conservatives and Lib Dems
        • A Party which is either a nationalist or a single-issue party, e.g. Green party and Scottish national party
    • Single issue parties
      • Is a party that has one particular issue e.g. Green party- Environment
    • Single/ dominant/ multi party
      • Single - one party dominant in government e.g. Nazi Germnay.
        • Dominant - is when a number of parties are running but only one wins e.g. Japan under Lib Dems 1955. Multi- many parties compete and it results in many coalition governments,e.g. Italy 1945-1993
    • Internal party democrary
      • A measure of the extent to which rank-and-file members have genuine power  within a given political party
    • Roles of pol parties
      • Representation, Participation, Recruitment, Policy formation and stable government
      • PPERA- Overall limit on party spending in general election campaigns (£30,000 per constituency)PPEA- 2009- built regulations under PPERA
    • Party Reform
      • A new system for more transparent - they offer loans for eerages. Make efforts to reduce tax payers not registered in Uk under PPEA
    • Shortmoney Cranborne
      • Short money- comprises those funds paid to opposition parties in order to help them cover their administrativecosts and thereby provide proper scrutiny of the government . Cranborne money- In Houds of Lords
    • Policy Formation
      • Conservatives
        • 1990s- determined by part leader- John Major 1992 election 'it was all me'
      • Lib Dems
        • The party is a federal structure. If a policy only affect scotland, will be developed in scottish party and confirmed at the conference. The party leadership's influence over the Federal Policy Committee allows them to steer policy to a degree
      • Labour
        • 1997- 2-year policy making cycle. The national policy forum appointed policy commisions make propsals =national executive committee before passed at conference.


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