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REVISION…read more

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B2 Topic 1-Inside living cells…read more

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· RESPIRATION is the process of breaking down
glucose to release energy, which is used in
every cell.
· Aerobic respiration need oxygen--- Glucose +
Oxygen-> Carbon Dioxide + Water (+Energy)
· Anaerobic respiration doesn't need oxygen ­
Glucose -> Lactic Acid (+Energy)…read more

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· Diffusion is the movement of particles from an
area of higher concentration to an area of
lower concentration.…read more

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Anaerobic respiration
· The advantage is that you can use your
muscles for a little while longer. After you stop
exercising you gain an oxygen debt. You have
to keep breathing hard to get oxygen to the
muscles to turn the lactic acid into water and
oxygen.…read more

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Evaluating health claims
· Ask yourself four questions which are:
1. Is the report a scientific study, published in a
reputable journal?
2. Was it written by a qualified person( who
isn't connected with the food producers?
3. Was the sample large enough to give valid
4. Have there been other studies that found
similar results…read more

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