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Revision Summary for Biology 2: Cells
You should know and understand the following:
· The structure and function of the different parts of plant and animals
· The differences between plant and animal cells.
· Enzymes control the reactions inside cells by controlling the rate at
which reactions take place.
· Recognise a variety of cell types and relate their structure to their
function in a particular organ or tissue.
· Define diffusion as the net movement of particles from an area of
high concentration to one of low concentration.
· Explain that the rate of diffusion is affected by the size of the
concentration gradient, temperature and by the surface area over
which diffusion is occurring.
· Explain how cells and tissues may be adapted to maximise diffusion.
· Define osmosis as the net movement of water molecules from an
area of high water concentration to one of low water concentration
across a partially permeable membrane.
· Distinguish between diffusion and osmosis.
· Explain the importance of osmosis in plants and animals.
· Explain the results of experiments in terms of the osmotic movement
of water.
You should be able to use your knowledge of how Science works to do
the following:
· Relate the structure of different cell types to their function in a tissue
or an organ.
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