Russia (1894-1924)

A timeline of key events in Russia from the ascention of Nicholas III to Lenin

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Key Events from the 1st Book
1894- Nicholas II becomes Autocratic ruler of Russia
1892- 1903- The `Great Spurt' under Witte
1905- Russian Revolution
Jan- Bloody Sunday
Feb- Grand Duke Sergei is assassinated
Apr- Peasant uprising in Kursk
Oct- October Manifesto created
Apr 1906- Creation of the 1st Duma
Vyborg Manifesto
1907- Stolypin abolishes serfs redemption payments
Feb 1907- Creation of the 2nd Duma
Nov 1907- Creation of the 3rd Duma
1911- Stolypin is assassinated
Nov 1912- Creation of the 4th Duma
1914- 1916- WW1
Aug 1914- Russian Troops advanced to Prussia
Sep 1914- Battle of Tannenburg
Dec 1914- Russian forces were forced out of Russian Poland
Sep 1915- Nicholas dismissed his Uncle and replaced him as Commander in Chief
Jun-Aug 1916- The `Brusilov Offensive'
Dec 1916- Desertion amongst men, death toll reached 3.9 million.
The 1917 February Revolution
14th Feb- 100,000 workers go on strike

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Feb- Over 200,000 are on strike
26th Feb- The Tsar orders troops to fire on protestors, but later that day begin to mutiny.
2nd March- Tsar abdicates himself and his son, his brother also then rejects the throne.…read more

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Mar 1918- The treaty of Brest-Litovsk marks the official end of Russia's participation in the war with
Sep 1918- Lenin introduces the Gulag system of labour camps to control any who oppose him.…read more


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