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Hey, this is a PowerPoint I made for the Rocks and Building topic in C1 in the AQA GCSE Chemistry course. It's based around three different textbooks as well as my class notes, so hopefully it will be useful :)

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Rocks and
Unit 1 - AQA Chemistry GCSE…read more

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Atoms are made up of protons, neutrons and
Protons and neutrons are kept in the nucleus at
the middle of the atom
The nucleus makes up the majority of the mass
of the atom, but only a tiny part of the atom in
The electrons orbit the nucleus in shells, and
they take up a minute amount of the mass AND
The electron shells take up most of the space…read more

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There are many different types of atom
Different types of atom are identified by the
numbers of protons (and electrons) that they
Different atoms have different numbers of
neutrons too, though
If a substance contains only one type of atom, it
is called an element…read more

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Different elements are represented by symbols
These symbols are just a shorthand way of
writing the elements out
Each symbol is comprised of one or two letters
Na = Sodium
C = Carbon
Pb = Lead
O = Oxygen
And so on!…read more

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The Periodic Table.
The periodic table is laid out so elements
with similar properties are in columns
The vertical columns are called groups
The horizontal rows are called periods…read more

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When elements `react', they form chemical
bonds with other atoms
These chemical bonds turn atoms into
It is normally difficult separate compounds once
they have formed
Electrons are very much involved with
compounds, being either given, taken or shared
Properties of compounds are very different
from the properties of the individual elements…read more

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