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Renewable Energy Sources

How it works:
The Sun heats our atmosphere unevenly, so some patches become warmer than
These warm patches of air rise, other air blows in to replace them - and we feel a
wind blowing.
We can use the energy in the wind by building…

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Needs a suitable site, where waves are consistently strong.
Some designs are noisy. But then again, so are waves, so any noise is
unlikely to be a problem.
Must be able to withstand very rough weather.

Hydrolectric power

How it works:
A dam is built to trap water, usually in…

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Also, if you're one of the 80,000+ birds that feeds on the exposed mud flats when
the tide goes out, then you have a problem, because the tide won't be going out
properly any more.

Once you've built it, tidal power is free.
It produces no greenhouse gases or…

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How it works:
Hot rocks underground heat water to produce steam.
We drill holes down to the hot region, steam comes up, is purified and used to
drive turbines, which drive electric generators.
There may be natural "groundwater" in the hot rocks anyway, or we may need to
drill more…


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