(Revision Powerpoint and song) GREEN CHEMISTRY AS LEVEL F322

I previously uploaded this but the song didn't work, I have put a new link on the powerpoint so hopefully you can open it seperately in windows media player or something. :)

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Green Chemistry Song
By Amy Patel and Ellie Bowyer
Music ­ Oasis Wonderwall (cover)…read more

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Awkwardly long intro...…read more

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Atmosphere - Ozone
UV radiation
The UV rays shoot down down down,
Some reflected, some bounce off the ground,
Bonds in Greenhouse gases vibrate,
To absorb and emit infrared rays. Earth…read more

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Infrared (IR) Rays
The infrared rays are split in two,
Some return to space, others are trapped with CO2,
And the other greenhouse gases in the ozone layer,
Like methane, Freon, NO2's and water vapour.…read more

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H 2O…read more

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Ozone in the stratosphere it's oxygen times three,
It absorbs UV,
UV…read more

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Miss T


song doesnt work can you repost it?

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