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This theory suggests that working parents fail to transmit the appropriate
Cultural Deprivation Theory norms, values, and attitudes that are the `Correct' culture ­ needed for
educational success.

Culture This refers to all the norms, values, beliefs, knowledge that a society or a
group regards as important. This is transmitted…

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Collectivism This is the value of being a part of a group mroe than succeding as an

Present Time Orientation This is seeing the present as more important than the furture and as a result
fail to believe in long term goals or plans.

Barry SUGARMAN This Sociologist argues…

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Cultural Capital The attitudes,Values,Skills,Knowledge of the MiddleClass

Educational Capital MC use their greater econominc/cultural capital to give their children an
advantage in gaining this "......." ­ qualifications. Thus this reproduces
advantage of MC passing it from generation to generation

BECKER This Sociologist argues that teachers lable the MC pupils as…

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This is normally formed by those of less educational attainment. They reject
Anti-school subculture school's values and often invert rules. They have slim to none respect for
authority (teachers) and avoid work, truant.

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These Sociologists claim that language of poorer Black American families' is
BEREITER & ENGELMAN ungrammatical and disjoint. As a result, their children are unable to express
abstract ideas ­ which become a barrier to educational success.

This Sociologist argues the high rate of lone parenthood amongst African ­
MURRAY Caribbean…

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This Sociologist argues that the Asian family is an obstacle to achievement,
KHAN especially for Girls, because it takes a controlling attitude towards them. As
a result they do less well than boys.

This Sociologist argues that the street culture in white working class areas
EVANS can be brutal and…

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These Sociologists found that teachers had `racialised expectations' about
GILLBORN & YOUDELL black pupils and expected more discipline problems and saw their behaviour
as threatening. The conflict between the pupils and teachers stems from the
racist stereotypes and causes the underachievement of those pupils.

This Sociologist found that Asian primary…

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This Sociologist compared two studies of working class girls (1970s-90s)
SHARPE 70s ­ Girls priorities were `Love, Marriage, Husbands, Children, Job' they
saw their future in terms of a domestic nature ­ not paid work
90s- Girls now had high aspirations to go into high career positions and so

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This Sociologist argues that boys fall behind because education is feminised.
SEWELL Schools no longer nurture the `masculine' traits. I.e. Coursework

This Sociologist found that boys were more concerned that girls about being
FRANCIS labelled by peers as `swots', because this threatens their masculine identity.
WC culture sees non manual…




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