Representation of Men: Skyfall

Representation of men case study on Skyfall, for the characters Bond, Q and Silva.

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Case Study
Name/date text printed or released: Skyfall (2012)
Purpose of text (inform/entertain etc) and genre: Entertain
What is being represented? Masculinity
Audience Checklist
Targeting: I would say that the target audience for the text would be targeted at men aged
1640 due to the fact that the majority of the characters in the text are of this age and so
could be relatable. Furthermore, the action genre is more popular with men stereotypically
due to the fact that the iconography linked to the genre is linked to males traditionally as
opposed to women. The secondary target audience would be men ages 4060 as James
Bond is a longrunning franchise and so an older male audience may be more appreciative
of the history of Bond.
Uses and gratifications: The main uses and gratifications gained from the text are personal
identity and diversion. Firstly, the characters are people who the audience can aspire to be
like and follow in the footsteps of, meaning that they would want to make the most out of
their lives and try to do whatever they can for others. Secondly, the text was created to be
engaging and entertaining, and so will distract from normal life. Additionally, the jobs of
Bond are not something we would be familiar with in everyday life.
Preferred, negotiated and oppositional readings with reasons: The preferred reading of the
text is that the men featured are at the leading edge of society and save their country
without a complaint. They are people that we can trust to keep us safe. The oppositional
reading would be that the men aren't that important, as they are under the lead of M, who
is a woman at the top of the service.
How the audience are positioned to respond: The audience are positioned to respond
positively to the text because there is no suggestion that the men are doing a bad job or
that the work they are doing is not needed. There is no reason to have a negative opinion
of the men.
Mass or niche: The audience would be mass, as the franchise reaches a large number of
people worldwide, and lots of people are interested in Bond, no matter what their age,
gender, or where they're from.
Young and Rubicam: The text would appeal firstly to the mainstream as James Bond is a
common household name which many people will have heard of at some stage. Secondly,
the reformer, as Q particularly is seen to break the mould and reform a stereotype. It
encourages the audience that they can change something for the better too, even if they're

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Representation Checklist: Bond
Stereotyping: Bond uses violence as his main physical strength, which is stereotypical of
males, whereas women may be more inclined to use words before violence. For example,
when on the train, Bond uses his physical strength to his advantage. Furthermore, his
profession is predominantly masculine. Bond is shown to be heterosexual in certain
scenes of the text, for example, the scene where he is in the shower with Severine.
Another example of this is when Eve helps him to shave.…read more

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Negative or positive representation: Positive as he doesn't promote violence or insecurity.
He relays selfconfidence to the audience.
Representation Checklist: Silva
Stereotyping: Reliant on violence and weapons as a mark of authority, suggesting that he
is less intelligent than Bond. Low angled shots show his superiority, for example when he
is stood in front of the helicopter. He is outspoken and uses volume in order to get his
point across. His confidence is shown through his fearless use of his gun.…read more


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