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Case Study

Name/date text printed or released: Skyfall (2012)

Purpose of text (inform/entertain etc) and genre: Entertain

What is being represented? Masculinity

Audience Checklist

Targeting: I would say that the target audience for the text would be targeted at men aged
1640 due to the fact that the majority of…

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Representation Checklist: Bond

Stereotyping: Bond uses violence as his main physical strength, which is stereotypical of
males, whereas women may be more inclined to use words before violence. For example,
when on the train, Bond uses his physical strength to his advantage. Furthermore, his
profession is predominantly masculine. Bond is…

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shown through the fact that he wears a purple tie (a typical feminine colour) and has
longer hair, which is being seen more amongst men in recent years.

Negative or positive representation: Positive as he doesn't promote violence or insecurity.
He relays selfconfidence to the audience.

Representation Checklist: Silva



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