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Why Christians believe in Life after death:
· Jesus rose from the dead - resurrection - recorded in all 4 gospels
· St Paul teaches in 1 Corinthians 15 that people will have a resurrection like that of Jesus, and wil
have a spiritual resurrected body given to them by…

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· Some believe a baby is not a separate life until separate from its mother
· The problems caused by having an unwanted pregnancy justify having an abortion
· Many people believe a baby has human rights
· Some argue that because fetus's can survive at 22-24 weeks now that…

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Christian attitudes to euthanasia:
Although all Christians believe euthanasia is wrong there are slightly different attitudes to the
complex issue:
1. Most Christians believe suicide, voluntary and non-voluntary euthanasia are all wrong. But
switching of life support, giving painkillers but shortening their life - doctrine of double effect -

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How an issue from matters of life and death has been presented in one form of the

Summary: When studying the presentation of an issue from matters of life and death in the media,
you must be able to explain why the issue was chosen, hot it was presented,…

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euthanasia but you have good reasons for thinking they would want you to
do so
Quality of life The idea that life must have some benefits for it to be worth
Voluntary euthanasia Ending life painlessly when someone in great pain asks for death


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