matters of life and death

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Why Christians believe in Life after death:
· Jesus rose from the dead - resurrection - recorded in all 4 gospels
· St Paul teaches in 1 Corinthians 15 that people will have a resurrection like that of Jesus, and wil
have a spiritual resurrected body given to them by G-d
· The major creeds of the church teach that Jesus rose from the dead and that there will be life
after death - Christians believe the creeds.
· Most Christians believe in the immortality of the soul - the soul lives on
· All Christian churches teach that there is life after death
· Many Christians believe in life after death because it gives their lives meaning and purpose
(good = heaven, bad = hell)
How Beliefs about life after death affect the lives of many Christians:
· Christians try to follow the Bible teachings and commandments so they don't go to purgatory or
· Jesus taught that the 2 greatest commandments are to love G-d and to love your neighbor as
yourself - Christians pray and go to church
· Love you neighbor as yourself - Christian charities
· Christians believe their lives have purpose so they always carry on
Summary: Christians believe in life after death because
· Jesus rose from the dead
· The Bible and the creeds say there is life after death
· The church teaches there is life after death
· The soul can never die
Their beliefs about life after death affect their lives because Christians will try to love G-d and love
their neighbor so that they go to heaven in the after life
Non-religious reasons for believing in Life after death:
1. Near death experiences: feelings of peace and joy, feeling of floating above the body, seeing a
bright light, entering another world, meeting a dead relative, coming to a point of no return.
2. Evidence for a spiritual world: Ghosts, Ouija boards and mediums being able to tell you
something only a dead loved one knows
3. The evidence of reincarnation:- reborn into another body - e.g. a baby being born with a tail
Summary: some people believe in life after death for non-religious reasons:
· Near death experiences: when people see things during operations etc.
· Evidence of the spiritual world: mediums, ghosts etc.
· Evidence of reincarnation: such as people remembering previous lives
Why some people don't believe in life after death:
· No G-d nothing immaterial no heaven
· Different religions have different ideas about life after death e.g. reincarnation or Judgment
· No evidence
· Science the mind can't exist without the brain
· Nowhere for life after death to take place
· Some people are brought up to not believe in life after death
Summary: some people don't believe in life after death because:
· They don't believe in G-d
· There is no scientific evidence
· They don't see where life after death could take place
UK law on abortion:
The 1967 act states that abortion can be carried out if 2 doctors agree plus:
· The mother's life is at risk
· There is a risk of injury to the mothers or existing child's physical and mental health
· There is a substantial risk that the baby might be born seriously handicapped
· The 1990 act states no abortion can take place after 24 weeks unless the pregnancy is risking
the mothers health
Why abortion is a controversial issue:
· Life begins at conception and therefore abortion is murder

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Some believe a baby is not a separate life until separate from its mother
· The problems caused by having an unwanted pregnancy justify having an abortion
· Many people believe a baby has human rights
· Some argue that because fetus's can survive at 22-24 weeks now that the limit for an abortion
should be reduced to 18-20 weeks
· There are argument if medical staff should have to perform abortions
· Pro life - people who support the fetus's right to live an…read more

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Christian attitudes to euthanasia:
Although all Christians believe euthanasia is wrong there are slightly different attitudes to the
complex issue:
1. Most Christians believe suicide, voluntary and non-voluntary euthanasia are all wrong. But
switching of life support, giving painkillers but shortening their life - doctrine of double effect -
aren't wrong:
· They believe in the sanctity of life
· They regard any form of euthanasia as a form of murder
· They believe it is up to medical experts to determine when death occurs.…read more

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How an issue from matters of life and death has been presented in one form of the
Summary: When studying the presentation of an issue from matters of life and death in the media,
you must be able to explain why the issue was chosen, hot it was presented, whether the
presentation treated religious people fairly and whether the presentation treated religious beliefs
fairly.…read more

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Quality of life The idea that life must have some benefits for it to be worth
Voluntary euthanasia Ending life painlessly when someone in great pain asks for death…read more


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