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RELIGIOUS LANGUAGE Philosohpy…read more

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Language is only meaningful if it can be verified by sense observation.
If you cannot demonstrate with sense observation that a statement is true or
false, it is factually meaningless.
This would mean most statements people make and statement about history
are meaningless.
All ravens are black ­ No matter how many ravens you look at there is always
the possibility that there is one more that isn't black.…read more

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Meaningless = a statement is not factually significant.
Does not deny that people make statements that are important to them, just
that they're factually meaningless.
Practical verifiability ­ statements that can be tested in reality.
Verifiable in principle ­ Something which has the potential to be verified but
cannot be because we don't have the capabilities to do so ­ such as there
being life on other planets.…read more

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Strong verification ­ Things that can be verified conclusively by observation
and experience.
Weak verification ­ Things that can be shown to be probable.
Weak verification should be the version used because strong verification has
no practical application.
All humans are mortal
Would have to kill all humans to verify.
Because you cannot do so the weak version has to be employed.…read more

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Change in definition:
A statement is held to be literally meaningful if and only if it is either analytic or
empirically verifiable
Basic statements: A single experience is when you have an experience an it is
a reality
You may not be able to describe it clearly but the experience itself is verified by its
He believed that his previous definition of weak verification was too liberal.…read more

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Something is directly verifiable if:
It is either itself an observation statement or a combination of observation
statements that combine to make at least one observation statements.
Statement which records an actual or possible observation.
Something is indirectly verifiable if:
It is not directly verifiable or analytic.
But could be verified if other verifiable evidence could support it.…read more

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