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Religion and the Individual

Effects on Religious Belief and Experience
The effect of personality
= Research has been inconclusive, but suggests that some personalities are more prone to being
religious than others
= Pratt 1924 found that personalities likely to be drawn to religion are those dominated by feelings

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question, often unaware there are any other faiths
= Greatest religious influence is parents for a number of reasons:
- Close personal relationship
- Proximity
- Imitation of parents
- Enforced behavioural code
- General religious lifestyle
= Argyle 2006: religious participation is high up to age 14 then declines,…

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include Mother Teresa and Ghandi.

Goldman: Readiness for Religion
= Readiness for Religion: a basis for developmental religious education 1965: considered how far a
child's environment could be enriched so as to enable them to grow into more mature ways of
religious thought. His aim was to determine at what…

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happy all the time whilst others are always sad and lacking a point or purpose for their lives

1. Healthy-Mindedness
= Characterises healthy-mindedness as joy, optimism and an inability to feel evil
= There are two types:
- Voluntary: Always seeing the good in something. Reality is always seen as…

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Abraham Maslow ­ Self-actualisation and the peak experience
= Self-actualisation is the desire in all human beings to fulfil their potential.
= Maslow `A Theory of Human Motivation 1964' defined it as:
`The desire for self-fulfilment and to become more and more of what one is and everything that

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Peter Berger: The Sacred Canopy
= `The Sacred Canopy 1987' Berger looked at the sociology of religion and claims that humans
fashion the world by their own activity
= Main argument is that humans have very weak natural instincts and so are constantly forces to
choose how they behave and…


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