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Religion and the Community

Definitions of Religion

Definitions of religion usually suffer one of three problems:
- They are too narrow and exclude many belief systems which are generally classed as religions
- They are too vague ­ for example defining religion as a belief in God which excludes Buddhism…

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= Includes metaphysical aspects such as love, sin, evil and life
= Schliemacher: behind all religion is experience, a feeling of the diving which leads to a sense of
`absolute dependence'
= Otto: mysterious feeling of awe and wonder conveyed by the ultimate holiness which enables us to
understand the…

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= Beliefs about the nature of God are unchanging and timeless whereas society is always shifting and
is not constant

Max Weber: The relationship between religion and capitalism
= Looked at religion in the context of modern economic society
= `The Protestant Work Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism 1905':…

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called God
= Marx believe humans are best guided by reason and religion hinders this reason by creating
= Maintained that only when religion was abolished would the oppressed masses by liberated and
that by loving one another rather than God could people regain their humanity
= Marx had…


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