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  • EPQ - Religion Topic Ideas.
    • Is Demonic Possession real?
    • How do humans respond to the Problem of Evil in post-Christian society?
      • Depression rates in different countries.
      • Compare to other religions.
      • Seculariastion
      • Other spiritualties.
    • Are the teachings of St.Paul relevant to the 21st century?
      • Sex before marriage.
      • Submissive wives.
      • No woman permitted to teach.
    • Does humanity need ritual?
    • Does gender affect the morality of an individual?
      • Females: Virtue Ethics.
      • Males: Kantian Ethics.
    • Is Salvation for all or just a selected few?
    • Should Religion Studies be taught in schools?
    • Why is there evil in the world?
    • Can an individual still go to Heaven without following Christian 'rules'?
      • 'Good people'? eg: Gandhi.
      • People who follow the Christian way of life without believing in Jesus.
    • Is there a big part of Christianity missing? - regarding the parts of the Bible that were left out.
    • God cannot be proven scientifically, how can Christians be sure he exists?
    • Is the Devil a metaphor or an actual existence?
    • If God loved all humanity why would he send people to Hell?


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