Religion and Conflict - Peace

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  • Religion and Conflict (1)
    • Peace
    • Key words
      • Conflict - disagreement between people e.g divorce or war
      • Pacifism - The belief that any type of war of violence is unacceptable e.g Jesus and Martin Luther King were pacifists
      • Reconciliation - making up and saying sorry after an argument e.g religions teach forgiveness as it leads to reconciliation
        • Interfaith Dialogue - people from different faith groups talking to each other e.g a Jew and Christian discussing war
    • Teaching about Peace
      • Christians
      • Jews
        • Compassion, kindness and keeping peace is a good thing.
          • Shalom means peace; it's desired in the world.
        • Three things keep the world safe; peace, truth an judgement
          • Peace is ideal for development and well-being
    • Making and keeping peace
      • Peace must be worked at
        • Through interfaith dialogue
        • The power of prayer
          • Conflict must be avoided
    • Religious Communities who've worked for peace
      • The Quakers (Christians)
        • They are a religious society of friends and are inspired by the Bible and the life/teachings of Jesus
        • They sent peace workers to countries that need peace. For example, In Burundi peace workers have supported people who are trying to build stability in the country. These workers help people and offer advice and support about peace.
        • They also provide courses which teach people how to resolve conflict (arguments)


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