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d Definition
lution Bringing a fight or struggle to a peaceful
ed An international body set up to promote world
peace and co-operation
ce The ending of war throughout the whole world
(the basic aim of the United Nations)
on Attacking without being…

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Through the Security Council, the UN can recommend action to stop any
threats to world peace by:

imposing sanctions (e.g. banning trade or communications) on countries
threatening world peace
authorising the use of force by member states to stop an aggressor

Sending a UN peacekeeping force to:

stabilise conflict situations…

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UN administrators worked with Kosovar politicians to establish political
parties and institutions such as an education system
In 2008 Kosovo was declared and independent democratic state

How religious orgnaisations try to promote world peace
All religions believe in world peace, BUT still religious people fight in wars.
HOWEVER, there are…

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Nationalism & ethnicity

Separation of ethnic groups ­ believing each different ethnic group should
have its own country because of cultural difference. This can lead to civil
wars (where people in the same country fight each other) E.g. Ethnic
Albanians in Kosovo
Removal of a minority ethnic group from a…

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There are 2 main attitudes:

Pacifism ­ refusal to fight in wars because;
Modern warfare kills so any innocent people that it can
never be justified
Turn the other cheek
Do not kill
Jesus told Peter to put away his sword

Just War ­ a war that can be fought…

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Duty to protect the weak ­ Good Samaritan + Sheep and Goats

They also accept non religious attitudes to bullying;
It is against the law ­schools have anti bullying policy, anti social
behaviour order
Human rights
Harmful effect on society ­ prevents people fulfilling potential
Society depends on law and…

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(b) Do you think schools treat bullies too softly?
Give two reasons for your point of view. (4)

(c) Choose one religion other than Christianity and explain why forgiveness is
important for the followers of that religion. (8)

(d) "If people were more religious, there would be no wars."


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