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OCR Philosophy & Applied Ethics: B602 Religion and Science

- Origins of the World and Life

- People and Animals

- Environmental Issues

- Practice Exam Questions 

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Religious Studies B602 Philosophy 2 Exam Revision
Religion & Science
Origins of the World and Life
Scientific Theories
Big Bang Theory (Cosmological, how the universe came to be) ­ the universe was contained in a
singularity, and began in an explosion of matter and energy. This was the start of time and space.
Matter from this explosion formed all stars, planets and elements in the universe today. There is
evidence for the continued expansion of the universe to ­ e.g. Red Shift, Background Radiation levels.
Science cannot explain what caused the Big Bang, as science can only operate within the bounds of
time and space. Before the Big Bang, there was no time or space, so science can offer no explanation
as to what caused it. Recent developments are suggesting that there may be infinite universes, and
that something in another universe caused this one to exist ­ however this is only a theory.
Evolutionary (How living things came to be as they are today) ­ Charles Darwin: Published `On the
Origins of the Species' in 1859. Rejected the then common view that God created everything as it is
today, claimed that all species originated from common ancestry.
His theory centres on the idea that random genetic mutations lead to very slight differences in
certain members of a species. Most of the time these are negative ­ and lead to that member being
at a disadvantage, however very occasionally, a mutation will take place which gives that member an
advantage over others. This member will have a `competitive advantage', and so can pass the
mutation on to its children. Over many centuries, all of the animals in a certain area may have the
adaption, as those without it become disadvantaged. There is recent evidence for this happening in
localised areas around the world.
Over many millions of years, evolution can wipe out entire species, and mutate others to be very
different. Darwin claimed that all life started as very simple, single-celled organisms, and that
everything alive on the Earth today is the process of evolution, refining species over very long
periods of time.
Darwin lived in a time when people believed the bible literally, mostly out of fear for what could
happen if they did not obey God ­ eternal damnation ­ and so his ideas caused public outcry. What he
was suggesting meant that Adam and Eve were not real people, and the world was not made in six
days, as stated in Genesis.
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Religious Studies B602 Philosophy 2 Exam Revision
Christian Ideas
Genesis ­ God created the world in six days
1. Light & Darkness
2. Seas & the Sky
3. Land & Vegetation
4. Sun, Moon & Stars
5. Fish & Birds
6.…read more

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Religious Studies B602 Philosophy 2 Exam Revision
Intelligent Design
Some elements of evolution are accepted, but the world is following a set plan put in place by an
intelligent designer.
Humans are unique to the rest of creation
Theistic Evolution
Also known as evolutionary creationism; the belief that God created all living things, and he was the
force that guided or sustained this process.
"Darwin was right... but all he was really doing was trying to deduce the
mechanism of God's creation.…read more

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Religious Studies B602 Philosophy 2 Exam Revision
People and Animals
In Christianity, Humans are more important than animals
Humans were made in the image of God, and have the breath of God in them
Animals do not have souls ­ they do not enjoy the sanctity of life that humans do ­
meaning that each human life is important to God
Humans were given stewardship over the Earth ­ meaning that we should care for and
look after all of God's creation
"Rule over the…read more

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Religious Studies B602 Philosophy 2 Exam Revision
Thoughts, Quotes & Facts on Animals
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Religious Studies B602 Philosophy 2 Exam Revision
Environmental Issues
Since the industrial revolution, mankind has been exploiting the natural resources of the
earth, using millions of barrels of oil a day, thousands of tonnes of coal, and stopping at
nothing to obtain these fuels.
Hundreds of people have died in mining accidents, habitats have been destroyed due to oil
spills and people's health has suffered from pollutants in the atmosphere in cities
However, we have come to demand instant access to electricity, heat and transport.…read more

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Religious Studies B602 Philosophy 2 Exam Revision
Religion & Science ­ Practice Questions
What is evolution? [1]
State two environmental problems faced by the world [2]
Briefly describe the Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe [3]
Explain Christian teachings about the importance of animals in relation to humans [6]
The world is not ours to destroy - Discuss, with reference to Christianity & a personal viewpoint [12]
What is stewardship? [1]
State two ways in which animals are used by humans [2]…read more



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