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Case Study ­ Swansea - Lively
- Disorderly
Issues: - High crime rate
- Congestion - Police are present
- Clone towns - Messy
- Good income
- Pedestrianest areas
- Quiet and empty during the day
- Entertainment districts
- European café in the summer
- Deteriorating physical environments
- Deliveries from the stock
- Outdated transport
- Rubbish left outside
- Competition
Deteriorating Physical Environment:
Congestion: - low quality shops and retail shops which
- Wider number of functions are independent
- Loads of traffic in a small area which - derelict buildings
Wasn't designed for cars - job centres, offices ­ different functions
- High density of retail and office blocks - tramps on doorways
- Flash points of rush hour
Outdated Transport:
- City grows, more people, more housing, - bus stations are dirty with people
more cars shouting, birds everywhere
- Buses use the same route as the cars - recently the bus station is being
- Roads converge at Swansea City Centre redeveloped
- Can't develop due to coast line and major - bendy buses
Clone Towns: - Fforestfach
- CBD's look similar - Morfa
- Difficult to attract people to their CBD - Parc Trostre
- Internet retail
- Install fountains, castles, statues
- All of these are out of town with easy
- Try to stand out
access and free parking
Pedestrianest Areas:
Regeneration of Bus Station:
- Parking on the outside of a car park Swansea's Bus Centre is undergoing a multi-
- Lorries trying to deliver their stock million pound redevelopment. The location of the
- Could cause damage to statues and existing station is next to the shopping centre
people if they lose control Quadrant.
- 20 bus bays
Entertainment Districts: - 3 coach stands
- Clubs, bars, restaurants, night clubs, - Modern passage facilities and waiting
casinos, bookies, cinemas, news agents, areas
offices, take aways - Easy access to shops
- Dog land is taken away - Ticket sales and information
- Busy - Shop mobility facilities
- Noisy
- Smelly


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