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How can the effects of volcanoes be reduced?
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What to do if an eruption is imminent
Restrict area access
Evacuate residents
Reduce the effects of the eruption before they happen
Make sure everyone is out of harm's way…read more

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Diverting the lava flow
If the lava is heading for a village, then dynamite can be used to blow holes in the
ground and make an alternative path for the lava to flow down. This keeps the village
Another way this can be done is to construct walls of stone and rock to divert the
lava.…read more

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Slowing the lava down
Helicopters and planes can drop water onto the lava to force it to cool. It this
happens, then the lava flow slows down and gives the emergency services more time
to act. Also, it stops the lava flow before it reaches any villages ­ an obvious benefit.…read more

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Improving building design
Ash fall from the eruption causes roofs to collapse with the weight. Therefore, making
the roof structure stronger or making roofs from smooth materials (so that the ash
will just slide off) will help reduce the likelihood of building collapse.…read more

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Sealing doors and windows
Sealing doors and windows will stop ash entering houses, which reduces the damage
to electrical items or any furniture inside. This means less money will have to be paid
out in insurance claims.…read more

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